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Question   How do I call internationally with my Xfinity Home Phone?   Answer   With Xfinity Voice, it's easy to make international phone calls with your home phone to over 200 countries.     Make an International Phone Call For international calls outside of the North American Numbering Plan (NANP): Dial   011. Enter the country code. Dial the number. Note:   Dial   0   or   00   for help connecting your call. For calls inside of the NANP (Canada and some Caribbean countries): Dial   011. Enter the area code. Dial the number.   See  Country Codes  for a list of telephone country codes and international area codes.   Review our  International Calling Rates .       Can't find the country you're looking for? Check out our additional international calling plans below and call today 855-755-1211   Carefree Minutes ®  World Select 300 Get 300 minutes to landline phones and select mobile phones in these countries for   $9.95 more per month. Andorra Argentina Australia Austria (M) Bahrain Bangladesh (M) Belgium (M) Bermuda (M) Brazil (M) Brunei (M) Bulgaria Cambodia (M) Chile (M) China (M) Colombia Costa Rica (M) Croatia Cyprus (M) Czech Republic (M) Denmark (M) Estonia Finland (M) France (M) French Antilles French Guiana Georgia (M) Germany (M) Gibraltar Greece (M) Guadeloupe Hong Kong (M) Hungary (M) Iceland India (M) Indonesia (M) Iraq Ireland Israel (M) Italy (M) Japan Kazakhstan Korea (M) Kuwait (M only) Laos (M) Latvia Lithuania (M) Luxembourg Macao (M) Malaysia Malta Mexico (M) Mongolia (M) Netherlands New Zealand (M) Norway (M) Pakistan (M) Panama Paraguay Peru Philippines Poland (M) Portugal (M) Romania (M) Russia (M) San Marino (M) Singapore (M) Slovakia Slovenia South Africa Spain (M) Sri Lanka Sweden (M) Switzerland Taiwan Thailand (M) Turkey (M) United Kingdom (M) Uruguay Uzbekistan Vatican City (M) Venezuela (M) Vietnam (M) *For customers with the XFINITY Unlimited plan, minutes to mobile and landline destinations in China, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, Singapore and South Korea will not count against the Carefree Minutes block of time for Carefree Minutes World Select 300 customers.     Carefree Minutes ®  Latin America 300 Get 300 minutes to use for calling landline and select mobile destinations in Latin America. Also includes discounted per minute rates for overages;   all for $9.95 more per month. Argentina Bolivia Brazil (M) Chile (M) Colombia (M) Costa Rica (M) Dominican Republic (M) Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua Panama Paraguay Peru Uruguay Venezuela (M) *(M) stands for the ability to call a mobile phone in that country from the U.S.      Restrict Toll or International Calls Call restriction allows you to restrict toll and/or international calls to your home phone. See  Use the Call Screening Feature with Xfinity Voice  to learn more about adding international numbers to your Call Screening list. However, please note: Telephone numbers from Canada and some Caribbean countries may be able to be blocked; however, you may need to   contact us   for assistance. Telephone numbers from outside of the NANP (most international numbers with the exception of Canada and some Caribbean countries) cannot be blocked.     Frequently Asked Questions Will I get billed per line or at the account level? International calling plans apply at the account level. One calling plan applies to all lines on your account. How is the per-minute charge calculated?  Usage is billed to the whole minute and rounded up. For example, a one minute plus one second call is billed at two minutes. What happens if I add the calling plan partway through my billing cycle? When you add a calling plan during the middle of the billing cycle: Calls made before the date the calling plan was added are charged at the regular rate. You receive the full block of time (BOT) for use throughout the end of your billing cycle. Note: The BOT begins and cuts off two days before the billing cycle date. What happens if I use more than the block of time (BOT) allowed?  If you exceed your BOT, you will be billed at the regular international per-minute rates for each overage minute. Refer to the   international calling site   for more information. Note:   Some call plans have discounted per-minute rates for each termination type (e.g., Carefree Minutes Latin America 300 and Carefree Minutes World Select 300).   Can unused minutes be carried over to the next billing cycle? No. Unused minutes do not roll over to the next billing cycle. Is there a way for me to track how many minutes I have used? Yes. Follow the steps below: Log in to My Account at   with your Xfinity username and password. Select the   Billing   tab at the top of the page and click   View call log   at the bottom of the page.   Select   Unbilled Activity   from the drop-down to view your international long distance calling plan's used minutes and minutes remaining.   Where can I view my call detail? Carefree Minutes usage displays on the bill similar to domestic long distance calls. You can view your detailed bill online by logging in to My Account at with your Xfinity username and password. Select the Billing tab and click View call log at the bottom of the page. From the drop-down, select Unbilled Activity to view your international long distance calling plan's used minutes and minutes remaining. With the Carefree Minutes Latin America 300 plan, will the mobile minutes count against the block of time (BOT) allocation? Mobile minutes to six countries (Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Venezuela) will count against the 300 minute BOT with Carefree Minutes Latin America 300. For more information, read about international calling plans.     Additional Details    
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