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  Xfinity Flex brings you what you love, all in one place - your TV! And now, you’re eligible for Flex if you have Xfinity Internet, even if you don’t have Xfinity TV service. With Xfinity Flex, you’ll be able to stream more than 10,000 free movies and shows, access premium subscriptions like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO and Showtime, and rent or purchase top movies and shows - all without switching apps or inputs, and with one-stop search and control thanks to our award-winning Voice Remote. Flex customers can also access their music choices, like Pandora, iHeartRadio and Amazon Music. Certain Xfinity features are also available if you’re using Flex with an xFi Gateway, like pausing WiFi and setting parental controls through xFi. To use Xfinity Flex, you'll need an Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box.  The first Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box (a 4K-enabled box) is included  with your Internet service. Each additional box is just $5/month. If you'd like to cancel your service for any reason, you’ll need to return your Box. To get Xfinity Flex, go to  and select  Get Flex . You can also get Flex by calling 1-800-xfinity or visiting a retail store.         Eligibility Requirements To qualify for Xfinity Flex, you'll need: Xfinity Internet TV with an available HDMI port Please note: You can have a maximum of   three   streaming TV Boxes on one account. You must return your Xfinity Flex streaming TV Boxes upon the end of your Flex service. If you're an Xfinity TV customer, you aren’t eligible for Flex. Internet Essentials, Prepaid Internet and Bulk customers aren’t eligible at this time. Features Watch top apps like   Netflix,   Amazon Prime Video,   YouTube,   HBO,   Showtime   and more. Stream over 10,000 free movies and TV shows. Includes the award-winning Voice Remote. 4K HDR-capable. Rent and purchase top movies and shows. It's easy to add or remove services. Listen to music with   Pandora,   Amazon Music,   iHeartRadio   and more. Subscribe to Video On Demand channels like   Dog TV,   Stingray Karaoke,   Lifetime Movie Club   and more. No long-term commitment. Cancel anytime. Easy to set up. Simply plug it in and connect to your Xfinity Internet. Installation You can get Xfinity Flex shipped directly to your home or by picking up your equipment at a local Xfinity Store. If you pick up at a store, you should receive an Xi6 TV Box and an XR15 Voice Remote as part of your Flex order. Just follow the instructions in the Self-Install Kit and you'll be up and running in no time. You'll need the phone number associated with your account when you  activate the device , so have that handy. If you’re renting a Gateway, it’ll automatically connect during the activation process for the TV Box. If you’re using an  eligible modem  that you purchased, you’ll be prompted to set up WiFi manually during activation. As you activate your Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box, watch for tips and tricks to help you get the most of your experience, like how to easily find content or how to set up xFi if you’ve got an xFi Gateway. Self-Install Kit Equipment Xfinity Flex can be installed by Self-Install Kit, which includes: Flex streaming TV Box Xfinity Voice Remote Power cable HDMI cable     Activation Process Activate your Xfinity Internet. If you rent an Xfinity Gateway, the easiest way to activate it is to use the Xfinity xFi app. If you bought your own device or don’t want to use the Xfinity xFi app, you can complete activation by visiting See step-by-step instructions on   Activating Your Xfinity Internet Service. Before setting up Xfinity Flex, make sure you can connect to your home Xfinity Internet network (either WiFi or wired with Ethernet cable) through a desktop or mobile device. Connect the HDMI cable from your TV to the TV Box. Turn on your TV and choose the correct HDMI input. Plug the power adapter into an electrical outlet and connect the other end to the USB-C port on the box. Once the power indicator lights up, you’re ready to go! Only use the supplied power adapter, and avoid outlets controlled by dimmers. Remove the plastic tab from the back of the remote, aim it toward the box and wait for on-screen instructions.   Power on the device.   Select your language.   If you have an Xfinity Gateway, your device will try to automatically connect to your WiFi. If you'd like to set up your connection manually, press the   Info   (i) button on your Xfinity Remote.   If your box can’t connect automatically, you can manually connect using one of three options:   Enter your WiFi network password.   Use WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) pairing.   Use an Ethernet cable.   Enter the last four digits of the phone number listed on your Xfinity account.   Create or choose a name for your TV Box.   Your device will automatically optimize for sound and HD video.   Set up your Voice Remote.   At this point in the activation process, if your Internet connection hasn't been fully established, you may be asked to connect to WiFi. Please refer to   step eight   for instructions on how to connect to your network.   Scroll through Flex Tips & Tricks using the   left   and   right arrow buttons   on your remote to read through the tutorial. Click   Let’s Get Started   once you’re ready to start using your Xfinity Flex TV Box.   Your Flex TV Box is now ready to use! Activation Troubleshooting If you're having trouble activating your Flex streaming TV box, the most common solution is to restart it by reconnecting your USB-C power cord and HDMI cable to both the box and TV. Make sure you’re connected to the Internet. Restarting your modem can fix many common Internet-related issues. You can also try to connect with a wired Ethernet cable to check if the issue is with your WiFi connection. If you're having network connection issues or need to reestablish your network connection, you can press the   WPS button   (two arrows icon) on the bottom of the TV Box. Until you're able to complete your Voice Remote pairing, make sure you point your remote directly towards the front of the TV Box. If you come across an error screen and you can't fix the issue on your own, please mention the error code on the bottom-right corner of your TV screen when   talking with us.     Frequently Asked Questions How do I get Xfinity Flex? The easiest way to get Xfinity Flex is by visiting  and selecting  Get Flex . You can also order Xfinity Flex by calling 1-800-xfinity or visiting an Xfinity Store. The Xfinity Flex TV Box is owned by Comcast and leased to you month-to-month. The first Xfinity Flex TV Box is included with your Internet service and is 4K UHD-ready. Each additional box is currently $5 per month. How do I set up Xfinity Flex? Plug the Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box into a TV and follow the prompts to activate and connect it to the Internet. See the  Flex Activation Process . Do I need an Xfinity xFi Gateway to get Flex or can I use my own modem? ? We recommend using an xFi Gateway to use features like our  Xfinity xFi  digital dashboard right on your TV, but you can choose to use your own modem instead. What can I expect after I order Xfinity Flex? You should get your Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box within three to five business days. Just follow the instructions in the kit and you'll be up and running in no time. You'll need the phone number associated with your account, so have that handy. Learn more about how to  activate your Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box . Where do I find content on Xfinity Flex? You’ll be prompted to connect your favorite apps like Netflix and Amazon as soon as you activate Xfinity Flex. You can also use your voice to find things like “HBO,” “YouTube,” and “Free Movies.” What content is on Xfinity Flex? Xfinity Flex allows users to access Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Starz and HBO, plus thousands of free movies and TV shows. New content is being added daily. Can I watch live TV? Broadcast TV (e.g., NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox) and cable networks (e.g., CNN, ESPN and HGTV) are not included with Xfinity Flex. If you'd like to watch live TV and gain access to Cloud DVR to record shows, as well as an On Demand library with over 100,000 movies and shows, then Xfinity X1 is the best service for you. Can I use a DVR? No, DVR service isn't available with Xfinity Flex. If you're interested in DVR service to record your favorite live shows and movies, we recommend an Xfinity TV package with X1. Can I buy movies and TV series? Yes. You can find your  Purchases  on the Flex home screen or by saying “Purchases” into your Voice Remote. I have a 4K TV. Does Xfinity Flex support 4K UHD streaming? Yes! The Xfinity Flex streaming TV Box supports 4K UHD streaming and provides access to 4K titles and content. 4K UHD content can be found using Prime Video, YouTube and Netflix currently, and more content will be added in the future. You need to have a 4K-compatible TV as well as, in some cases like Netflix, a 4K subscription. I currently subscribe to Netflix. Can I keep watching on Xfinity Flex using my existing login information? Yes. You'll be asked to sign in once you open the Netflix app on Xfinity Flex. I currently subscribe to HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and/or Epix online. Can I continue watching on Xfinity Flex using my existing credentials? No, you'll need to cancel your existing subscription and purchase these services through Comcast in order to access them on your Xfinity Flex device. If I cancel Xfinity Flex, will I lose my Internet service? No, canceling Xfinity Flex will have no effect on your Xfinity Internet service. However, you're required to return your Flex TV Box. How does xFi work with Xfinity Flex? Control your Xfinity xFi service on Xfinity Flex - know what devices are online and pause WiFi access during family time. Xfinity Flex automatically connects to the Internet using xFi. Does all my Xfinity Flex content, including content from Comcast/NBCUniversal and my Xfinity Home Camera feeds, count against my broadband usage? Xfinity Flex is an Internet-only service, meaning  all   usage on Xfinity Flex is streamed over the Internet. Video (including from Comcast and NBCUniversal), music, web cameras and the Xfinity Flex guide itself - all of these will count toward your Internet usage. You can check your data usage in the  Account   section on Xfinity Flex. Why should I subscribe to Xfinity Flex? Xfinity Flex offers access to top streaming services, free movies and TV shows on demand, access to the award-winning Voice Remote, home automation capabilities and more. Plus, your first Xfinity Flex device is included with your Xfinity Internet, and any additional devices are only $5 each. I have a Roku/Fire TV/Smart TV. Why should I get Xfinity Flex? Xfinity Flex is a 4K-capable device that allows you to search your entire entertainment library with the award-winning Voice Remote, without switching apps or inputs. You can control your Xfinity xFi service to know what devices are online and pause WiFi access during family time - plus, you can access 24/7 customer service if you ever need it. How is Xfinity Flex different from X1? Xfinity Flex is for streaming-only customers not interested in "cable TV," allowing for a new way to stream apps in one place and providing flexibility, control and value. If you're interested in the top live broadcast and cable networks, a Cloud DVR to record shows, an On Demand library with over 100,000 choices, the X1 Sports App for scores and live games from all the major sports leagues and 200+ live channels to go in the Stream app, Xfinity X1 is the best choice for you - the premium home entertainment experience. Can I use the Xfinity Stream app with Xfinity Flex? Yes, you can watch purchased and/or rented content and premium subscriptions when you log into the Xfinity Stream app with your Xfinity ID and password. I am an X1 customer and I want Flex for a spare room. How do I get that extra device? Xfinity Flex won't work in your home if you already have X1, but we can give you another X1 box for your spare room. How do I return my Flex equipment? Go to , and you’ll see a list of all the Xfinity equipment on your account. Select your Flex box, and then you’ll be given two return options: Print a free UPS return label; then pack it in the original shipping box (if you still have it) and ship it to us. Bring it to a local Xfinity Store, where it will be taken off your account immediately.     For additional information on Xfinity Flex see here:
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