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***Created by our Community***        I have had the RNG 150N cable box and the Xfinity XR2 remote. For only a short period of time, and I thought the box had a mind of its own, as several times, it had changed to Espanol, with the Video Descriptive Service mode being activated, [seemingly] without doing anything at all on my end.   By random chance, I had read, in a different forum, that the "D" button on the XR2 remote control for the RNG 150N cable box changes the Default Audio Track (so you don't have to press the red Xfinity Menu button to access the Main Menu).   It seems that since the "D" button is placed closely above the number "3" button, it is relatively easy to inadvertently/accidentally press that when pressing the number "3" button and hence the box would appear to be changing the Default Audio Track and activating the Video Descriptive Service mode.   Of course, simply pressing the "D" button again turns off the Descriptive Video Service mode and returns the Default Audio Track to English.  Case of the RNG 150N and XR2 Remotes with a mind of its own SOLVED! 
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