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How to remove unused TV box from plan

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How to remove unused TV box from plan

I have never had two TV boxes, but under "manage my bill" there are two TV boxes listed as though I  own them. When I click on "manage my devices" I am directed to a screen that says I need to contact customer support in order to manage my devices (seems like a pointless link...).

I am shopping for new plans and can not upgrade unless I buy two HD-TV boxes because the system thinks I own two. When I tried to chat with an Xfinity representative they only focused on the fact that I was shopping for a new plan and demanded I tell them which bundle I was looking at before they would help me with my real problem: why do I have two boxes listed when I have only ever had one, and why is it impossible to remove it from my plan considering I apparently own it? 


Has anyone else had this problem?