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Why are moderators moving posts and locking discussions?

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Why are moderators moving posts and locking discussions?

Seems like Comcast doesn't like it if you push back on an answer.  Again, I don't understand what the business model is.  We have few avenues to ask questions and/or get answers and just moving posts because you don't like them or don't want to deal with your customers just shows bad form.  What are you afraid of?

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Re: Why are moderators moving posts and locking discussions?

I have the same question. Is there a policy we can read? Are they locked after a certain period of 'idle' time (no reads/responses)? Are they locked when there is an 'accepted' answer (sometimes more than one answer can be appropriate depending on your situation)?

I have a question that seems to have been asked before. I would simply add a comment/reply to the existing question (which I can't find an answer to), but the question is 'locked'.


Please provide a reasonable answer to when a question/post is locked.


Re: Why are moderators moving posts and locking discussions?



Posts are moved for a number fo different reasons. It could be because there is an existing thread that has an ongoing conversation about the same topic. Threads will be merged there to ensure everyone sees the latest information on a topic. Posts could also be moved if they are posted on the incorrect board for topic type. This means an internet question may have been posted on our X1 board but does not belong there so it may need to be moved to the correct board for the topic type. Every month we run an automatic archive tool, it will archive posts that have a low number of views, are older than 6 months old, and do not have many replies. These are moved to ensure we have the most up-to-date topics on a subject and ensures we keep the forum clean and easier to organize. Finally, posts could be moved/removed if a post violates our Xfinity Forum Guidelines or our Xfinity Forum Accpetable Use Policy. The removal of those posts is required as they are not appropriate for this forum. 


As for locked posts, posts can be locked for a number of reasons as well. Posts are locked if they have a marked best answer. We have identified that once the answer has been marked by the original poster and they get the answer they have deemed as helpful there is no need for further discussion for them. If you feel you have a similar question that is not answered by a similar question's marked best answer, feel free to post your question in the most appropriate public board. When you get an answer that suits your needs and solves your questions, feel free to mark it as the thread's Best Answer. Threads are also locked if it has been more than 1 year since the thread has received a reply and the thread has not been archived yet. This ensure that only the latest threads related to a topic are being discussed. Finally, threads are locked if they start getting off-topic from the original posters question. This ensures that only information relevant to the original poster's questions is getting shared. 


Both of these practices are standard moderation techniques for a forum that is as mature and active as ours is. 


I hoped this answered all your questions. Please let us know if you have any other questions related to moving or locking Xfinity Forum threads. 

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Locked threads are not readable

Why can't I read any locked threads on this site? I thought locked meant read-only.

When I click on links to locked threads I get redirected to the main forum list page, it's like the locked threads doesn't exist.

Is this purposeful behavior, or is this site experiencing a malfunction? Happens on browser on Android and Chrome for Windows 10.
Thank you @moderators