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XG1v4 requires reboot everyday...


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I am the original poster.


My box has NOT required a single reboot since the problem was resolved in October. All that I know is that there was a regional outage one day. The next day, the cable turned on with the remote. It has turned on ever since. 


For over a year, none of the "solutions" mentioned here or elsewhere worked (e.g., ecosaver mode, new HDMI cables, new equipment, etc.). All that I knew was that, after more than a year of multiple attempts to resolve the issue, I still had to unplug and replug my box everyday. However, suddenly, my X1 box just suddenly worked one morning in October. It has worked ever since. 


It has been two months now. I have not had to reset my box even once. It is strange because I had grown so accustomed to the process (i.e., unplugging it and plugging it back in every day just so that it would work). I suspect that -- behind the scenes -- some software engineer at Comcast figured out the problem about the compatibility between the XG1v4 box with my Samsung 4K TV. It took more than a year, but something was finally done. 


To be completely frank: If the issue wasn't resolved, I was going to walk away from Comcast after well over a decade as a customer. It just wasn't worth it to pay so much money for cable service that I had to go through an ordeal 


I am still a bit frustrated that someone marked a solution to this even before there was an actual solution. That was not me. I don't know who did this. 


Re: XG1v4 requires reboot everyday...

I have remarked this post as your Best Answer. You deserve it.


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Thank you.

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