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Non X1 Cable Box Question

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Non X1 Cable Box Question

Have a 7 year old Sony Bravia TV that is 3D capable but never watched a 3D program. Today I turned on the TV and old non X1 cable box and the picture is blury and a message on the botton of the screen says a 3D signal detected. I went into the setting of the TV and turned off the 3D feature and the picture cleared up but it was in zoom mode where I could only see 75% of the screen. Went to settings and it would not allow me to change the picture size. I unplugged the cablebox and for 10 minutes and everything went back to normal.


My question is can an xfinitybox send an unwanted 3d signal and mess upthe TV or is the TV messed up. Do I need a new cable box??


I am probably the only person in Atlanta that still has a 3D capable TV.




Re: Non X1 Cable Box Question

Comcast does not send out a 3D signal. It sound like a tv problem.

In the past; any Real 3D movies would have been through "On Demand". Last rentals disappeared about 3 years ago.


My 2016 Samsung 3D 4K teleivision cand convert any 2D program to 3D. Along with watching my Real 3D movies collection, I convert a lot of 4K found on "You Tube" to 3D. Converting old 1080p (Blue Ray movies) to 3D works well too.

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