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Tue, Aug 25, 2020 8:00 AM

Xfinity Remote is not 100% compatible with Samsung 2019 Q8 QLED TV

I have setup the xfinity remote to be compatible with my Samsung TV but it still does not provide everything so that the Samsung remote is not needed. In particular the "Home" key on Samsung remote cannot be found on the xfinity remote. So if I receive a popup from Samsung SmartThings app (Ring doorbell video, for example) I then have to use the samsung remote to navigate, respond and process the popup. Seems like the xfinity remote could make use of the some simple key combinations to emulate the "Home", "Right", "Left", "Down", "Up" and "Return" keys on the Samsung remote. If that were true then I could put the Samsung remote into a drawer and never need it again.



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1 y ago

The X1 remote isn’t meant to be a universal remote for any tv(and never advertised as such). Power and volume control is it



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1 y ago

When it comes to Samsung UHD (smart) tv's, do not set up the Comcast remote to control anything on the tv. The same for using the Samsung remote to control the Comcast equipment.


Use the tv's remote for any functions used there. TV's broadband apps, OTA, etc. Use Comcast remote for cable channels and X1 apps. I have had no problens since 1015 by following this advice.



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We had Samsung TV and xfinity services for about 5 yrs now and xfinity remote was paired with Samsung TV.  xfinity remote controlled the volume w/o any problems until the beginning of 2021.  I tried all the suggested solutions (repairing etc) and nothing worked.  I even went through all the codes on the pairing option.

The ONLY thing that works is totally rebooting the modem (not the cable box).  After rebooting the modem, everything including volume works fine for a couple of days but then goes right back to that I can't change the volume.  To me that's an xfinity service issue.

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Hi there! We would be happy to assist you. Can you initiate a chat and start with your full name and address? To start a chat, please click the chat icon in the top right of the page! Search for Xfinity Support, if needed. Talk to you there! 

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