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Tue, Apr 7, 2020 4:00 PM

Re: remote doesn't turn off/on TV



I have the same issue. I'm able to program the XR15 remote to my LG TV with no problem. It will turn on and off and control the volume. Then, I program the remote to my Sony soundbar. It programs to thee soundbar with no problems. However, once I program the remote to thee soundbar, it will no longer work to turn the TV on or off. 


The weird thing is that the remote will still let me choose different inputs on the TV when I press the "TV Input" button. That makes me think that it is programmed to the TV and is able to partially control it. But, for some reason it will not turn the TV on or off after I program it to the soundbar. 


Any help is appreciated. Thanks!




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Did you ever figure this out? I'm having the same issue with my TCL tv and vizio sound bar. The exact same issue.


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Hello, @Jcc916 and @Jur4551c. Thank you for letting us know about the issues you are experiencing with the power button after pairing the sound systems. I agree this is very strange to see happen! One thing that comes to mind is once the sound is paired (pairing process fully completed) if you go back through the pairing process and set up the TV pairing again but this time tell it to skip the sound pairing if that would fix this. The sound pairing may stay from the first time you set it up but refresh the TV portion of the pairing.


If you still need assistance to get it working please feel free to send us a private message with your first and last name. To send our team a private message, make sure you are signed into the forums then click the chat icon at the top right of the screen (it looks like a notepad). Type or choose the handle "Xfinity Support".

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I'm having the exact same issue as well with a Samsung TV and Vizio soundbar and a brand new Xfinity box required to do Disney+.  The remote works fine to turn on and off the TV power until it's paired with the soundbar.  At that point the remote can control the volume, but the power button on the remote then turns the soundbar on/off and not the TV.  Everything worked fine on the previous Xfinity box.  I did try to do what Rayana indicated and it did not work.



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I have same exact issue as well, the remote will not control the audio receiver if I skip that step after the tv pairing and if pairing the receiver after the tv it will no longer shut the TV off/on.

It has to be a software glitch if it seems to happen on various models. 

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