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Monday, February 26th, 2024 1:44 AM

DVR playback is pixelating and skips. Commercial skip feature is way off time.

While watching a recorded program, picture pixelates,skips,sound is garbled. Also while skipping commercials playback starts in commercials and I need to fast forward to get to my recording. 

Occasionally dark stipe at top of screen. Rebooted everything and checked connections. Black stripe gone, all other issues still exist.  This is a replacement box from tech visit off his truck.

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3 months ago

Hey there, @user_8fca07 thanks for reaching out through Xfinity Forums regarding the issue with your DVR. I know I love being able to skip commercials, so I would be happy to help with troubleshooting. Are you only having this issue with specific programs, channels, or recordings or is the issue present on all recordings? 

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2 months ago

Having the same issue.  It only seems to happen on recorded programs.  I have screen shots of the pixelation.  The picture pixelates, freezes and the audio skips for a few seconds. It seems to happen more, later in the program.  Like the show starts out okay, but then as time passes, it starts with some artifacting on the screen and a distinct skip in the audio.  Then it gets gradually worse until the program is unwatchable.  It doesn't seem to happen with Live TV, but it does seem to happen with paused TV.  It has happened on a bunch of channels, not just one.  It doesn't seem to happen when watching the streaming services (Netflix, Max, etc...)

Rewinding and playing again exhibits the exact same mistake at the exact same time.  Once it has happened on the one DVR upstairs, trying to play the same program on the other TV (with the smaller playback box), exhibits the same pixelation in the same place.  But watching the program though the xfinity website on my phone or on a computer, the same program plays just fine.

W've checked all the cables. We've cleared a large number of saved recordings.  We've cleaned up old recording schedules for shows that are no longer on. I've rebooted the dvr and gone through xfinity assistant and had the box reauthorized (several times). When the room is quiet and the DVR is recording, you can hear the hard drive on the DVR seeking and clicking.

The only thing that seems to make a difference is telling the dvr to do a system reset.  This seems to clear up the issue for a day or two, and then it starts doing it again.  Programs recorded before the reset still playback badly.  But new recordings seem to work - but only for a couple days.

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Hey user_odg7hi, thanks for reaching out to Xfinity Support on our forums and for trying all those steps. I'd like to take a deeper look into the recordings and help get it fixed. When you get a chance, can you send us a direct message?

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@XfinityNicolas​   You should not ask people to DM their problem to you when your in the forum area.  Some of us read through these to see if their topic has already been brought up and to read what the solution was/is.  If its being done through the DM, then none of us can see how to resolve our issues without having to post duplicate issues here.


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