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Mon, Aug 2, 2021 12:04 PM

TV only service with no box rental

I have basic TV only service (no internet with Comcast) and I don't want to pay for a box rental. I just want to watch my xfinity TV via my phone and tablet that I have internet service on. I don't need the box. Is this possible? 


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1 m ago

Hi there @user_e06e95!  Thanks so much for taking the time to reach out to Xfinity here on our Community Forum!  We are so glad to hear from you and are happy to assist with your inquiry in any way that we can.  In these times we fully understand that people are watching TV ion many different ways.  This is why we work tirelessly to provide out customers with more way to access programming.  In order to access our TV services on your phone, it is necessary for a cable box to have that service.  Alternatively, you can always restructure your service for Internet Only with our free Xfinity Flex device.  With that device you will have access to our Xfinity Stream app, Peacock and other streaming services from that 1 box and any smart device.  Is that something you would like to look into further?

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