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Sat, Sep 14, 2019 7:00 PM

picture "zoom" modes not available on Xfinity remote

After I suddenly found that my HD DVR box was "not authorized" last Thursday night I called the 800 number.  After 15 minutes or so, they were able to remotely get the box authorization back.  However I then noticed that the HD picture was in "zoom" mode, cutting off all of the edges.  This became particularly irritating today with college football - the box scores at the bottom were not visible.  I spent considerable time researching the Comcast sites, eventually finding the manual on the Cisco RNG200N.  The instructions state in order to cycle the picture between “full” – “zoom”- “stretch” etc. modes, to press the “#” key on the remote.  Well. There is no “#” key on the Xfinity remote.  There probably was one on the Cisco remote, however Comcast apparently failed to include that on the Comcast branded remote, and the local Comcast office could not supply the Cisco remote, or provide any remote that had a “#” key.  In point of fact they said it was "probably my TV".  As a degreed Electrical Engineer with nearly 50 years experience in Broadcast Engineering (including supervising the digital television master transmitter site construction here in Minneapolis) I knew that my TV was not the problem.  Eventually this evening after a lot of fussing I was able to “fool” the Cisco box into recognizing another remote code as “#” and was able to switch it back to a useable picture.  Note that I am not alone with this problem.  A search of the internet disclosed a number of subscribers who have complained of the same problem with no way to resolve it.  There is no access to reset the “zoom” through the front panel buttons the ONLY WAY according to Cisco is by the “#” key, which Comcast removed from their replacement remote.  I am sending this via “forum” as I cannot find any email address to actually contact Comcast about this.  Apparently Comcast removed that too (along with the “#” key).  There is no need to do anything more than acknowledge receipt of this.  Please forward it upstream to more capable tech support people.  Perhaps they might provide a real solution to those who still have the problem (and are not themselves experienced Electrical Engineers).

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2 y ago

I have seen the "Not Authorized" message show up on my Cisco RNG150N box over the last six months a few times.   Just turning the cable box "off" and back "on" ussually works. Otherwise; just unplug the box at least a minute. Plug back in and wait about 5 minutes for a reset.


The problem will go away. I happen to live here in the Twin City metro too.

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