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Sat, Jul 3, 2021 9:39 PM

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No mute no volume from my remote


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3 m ago

Hey, @ronaxtell! Thanks for choosing to work with us here through our Forums community. We are dedicated to helping all our customers with any concerns they may have here and I would be happy to help you with you remote to troubleshoot the volume and mute buttons. You came to the right place!


To start, I have a few questions to help me narrow this down to give you the best advice. Can you check the bottom or back of the remote to tell me the model number, please? This should start with “XR-“ followed by numbers (possibly this could be a XR-11 or XR-15, for example). Also, the remote needs to be paired to the cable box and the TV. The volume and mute (EDIT: formatting) are TV functions. Can you confirm that the remote is paired to the TV still by pressing the power button and seeing if the TV itself turns off, please?


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