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Friday, October 15th, 2021 11:05 AM


Profile BLOCKED from logging in

Maybe one of the moderators here can help me.  It seems since my last post on 10/4 in thread False Cancellation Request | Xfinity Community Forum I have been unable to log in to the Forum ONLY, using my primary profile.  I can use the same login to access my account without issues.  I had to create a new profile using a secondary login on my account in order to post here.  I have been calling Customer Support since 10/6 to find out why I cannot login to the Forum.  I could access the Forum as a guest and looking at my profile see that it is BLOCKED.   Comcast Security Assurance cannot find out why my login fails even after four IH ticket escalations.  It appears they don't know who handles the Forum website user authentication.  I would like to know if somehow I have violated Forum Policies resulting in my login being BLOCKED and how to get reinstated/unblocked.

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Profiles are blocked due to repeated violations of our Xfinity Forum Guidelines. We ask that all user please review and uphold ALL guidelines outlined in our Xfinity Forum Guidelines and Xfinity Forum Acceptable Use Policies. This includes refraining from sending unsolicited private messages to any user. This also includes creating new user profiles to intentionally circumvent a block. That was clearly the intention of why this profile was created so it will be blocked as well. 

Since this is your first time being blocked, it is a temporary block, and the profile will be reinstated after 30 days. In the meantime, we ask that you please review all Xfinity Forum Guidelines to ensure there are no further violations as future violations could result in a permanent block from posting in the Xfinity Forum. 

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