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Thu, Jun 23, 2022 9:19 PM


I cannot find the icon that says messages so I can't figure out how to pose my question/comment.



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@XfinityJessie​  I have an issue that I would like to go to the retention department.  It is quite long but here is my issue.

Recently we decide to add a cable box to a second tv in our house so we called to get information. We were told it would be an additional $7.50 a month and that they would send it or we could pick it up at our local Xfinity store.  We decided to have it sent.  It came 2 days later and we proceeded to hook it up but to no avail.  We then called for technical help.  After about a half an hour it still wouldn’t connect and it turned out they sent us the wrong box and we would have to get a different one.  Again she said they could send us one and we would have to send the other one back or we could go to the local store and return the wrong one and pick up the correct one.  We decided to do that as it would be easier.  We drove to the other side of town only to be told they didn’t keep them in the store and would have it shipped.  We had no choice but to agree.  It came about 2 days later and we hooked it up with no problem..success!

Then our new bill arrived and we noticed there was a shipping charge of $15 which we were never informed about on the phone for the original box or even in person at the store.

I also noticed that our bill was going up as we were now finished with our 12 month introductory rate.  I did an online live chat to see if there was any way we could reduce the new cost.  The person on the chat said indeed there was and he gave me a new price of $120 taxes included for 125 channels and internet speed of 600 mbps and unlimited internet.  He said it was usually $150 but with discounts it would be $120.  He tried sending us a text and an email for us to agree to this plan but neither would come so he said we could just agree to it in the chat and he would take care of it.  At the same time I was on the chat I was unable to use the pause button on the remote so I mentioned it and without my knowledge he transferred me to another agent.  I explained to her I was just trying to get this plan changed and told her about the new plan I was just offered and she said there was no such thing and the person who offered it to me was uninformed and there was no such plan.  At this point I was not very happy and she transferred me to yet another person.  When I got the third person I asked if I could please get a phone call so I could speak to someone as I was getting tired of typing by now.  I now had to explain everything to the person on the phone – now my 4th person and a couple of hours later.  She said she could indeed give me a better rate.  Her rate was $155 and was going to have everything I wanted.  Except when I got off the phone and checked the plan it was for 10+ channels which was outrageous.  So now we were losing over 100 channels to save about $5. 

So once again I did an online chat and after 3 more people I got no where so I asked for another call and this time I simply said please just put me back to what I had that morning before I did any chats or phone calls.  I had wasted half of my day by now and just getting very frustrated with the whole process and no one even having the same information about plans and prices.

We have only been with Xfinity for a year now and it even started off poorly.  We brough a fairly new modem router with us from our previous home.  We had our cable and internet installed by an Xfinity tech.  Right from the beginning we were losing internet several times a day.  We started keeping a diary and called and were given a case number on 2 different occasions.  It was suggested we get a new modem/router which we did but we still kept losing service on a daily basis.  We were finally told that we needed to get an Xfinity one which we did at a cost of $14 a  month but lo and behold… miraculously we stopped losing our internet. 

Needless to say we are not very happy with your company and having agents lying to us about these special deals and prices and the agent saying the previous agent didn’t know what they were talking about.  Every agent should have the same information.

As you must be aware many people are switching from cable companies to just streaming services or roku or any number of things and we are considering this as well.  DISH TV is offering good prices plus a $400 pre-paid gift card to switch to them.  Are you willing to do anything similar to keep us as a customer? 

Thank you,

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@user_c86deb, thank you for taking the time to sharing your story. That's definitely not the experience we want you to have so on behalf of the Company I'd like to apologize for the miscommunication and confusion. This is definitely not normal practice for us. We can't offer you a $400 gift card but you can definitely call 1-800-Xfinity and request to talk to someone in retention. 

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I moved your post to the Customer Service forum.  There is no retention dept.  They handle renewals here.

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