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X1 DVR Boot Screen

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X1 DVR Boot Screen

My "new" 1080p DVR keeps locking up and goinng into a boot loop.

I've tried unplugging and plugging back in, call to customer support, 30-30-30 reset, cliccking on  "System Refresh' when signing into and seeing that I am having issues, switching to known good coax outlet and still random lockups.


I just recieved this DVR two days ago ,in an attempt to get a 4K box, and it has spent half of it's time in my house "booting".


When it is alive and through my modem I have verifyed good power and SNR at all of my outlets.


Latest lockup started half an hour ago while watching a recorded show...night is over.


I hope I am not violating any of Comcast's policy guide lines by asking for help...if so, please let me know where I went wrong instead of  removing it to a "secure and hidden area for violating the Forum Guidelines and the Acceptable Use Policy" without emailing me or telling me why it was removed.


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Re: X1 DVR Boot Screen

You possibly just got a bad box, swap it again, swap the power supply too.

Check this thread to request a 4K dvr

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