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Stuttering or Lag on certain channels

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Stuttering or Lag on certain channels

Over the last few months I have noticed that certain channels lag or stutter. Almost, like frames are dropping so movement isn't smooth. I have a X1 DVR box and two remote boxes. I don't notice it as much on the DVR box as I do on the Satellite boxes. Note, I don't see any pixelation or sound issues, just the stuttering of frame rates.


Things I have checked:

  1. Called Comcast and had them run a signal test. Came back ok.
  2. Ran both restarts and total resets from my local boxs
  3. Used a process I found online to check the signals on the box and they seem in spec.
  4. Channels that exhibit this behavior the most are the CW, Food Network, MTV.

Should I swap out all of the hardware, or call a tech out to check the signals within the house?


I'm in the Frederick, MD area if that helps.


Any advice is appreciated.



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Re: Stuttering or Lag on certain channels

If you need assistance getting a tech out let us know, all your equipment is fine. The levels that you can check through the box are just the interior docs is levels, not specific channel/frequencies.

Re: Stuttering or Lag on certain channels

@crayzkat wrote:

This is an extremely frustrating issue that I have yet to get resolved. I have gone through all the steps and even been told I have reached the highest tech tier available and they have yet to fix it. I have experienced this issue on CBS as well as ION, and a couple others. One tech told me it is the fault of the network not comcast! Seriously? Comcast if you cannot provide consistent service then you shouldn't be in business!  I never ONCE had a lagging issue with direct tv. I only left them to supposedly save money and have a great experience with cable vs sattelite. At the moment, Comcast is FAILING. 

next time you are having that issue with your set top box connected TV, run the smart app Xfinity stream TV app. does it have the same problem? (about 20-30 seconds difference in streaming to a set top box)