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Smart Resume

In viewing a recorded version of “60 Minutes” this evening, I ran across a feature on Xfinity that was labeled “Smart Resume”.  This allowed me to fast forward through commercials without having to time the resume feature manually and with some good guesswork and luck; it resumed the program after the completion of the commercials on its own.  Great feature.  My question is how to set this up for all recordings I do on Xfinity.

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Re: Smart Resume

Smart Resume has been around for awhile

Can I use Smart Resume for all programs and networks?
No. Smart Resume isn't available for all programs and networks. Right now, Smart Resume is only available for top shows on NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CW, Bravo, HGTV, Discovery, MTV and TLC. It can only be used on eligible HD programs you recorded after January 1, 2019. We’re actively working on increasing the programs and networks Smart Resume is available on. And remember, Smart Resume isn't available on SD recordings.

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