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DVR Premium Service? ...

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DVR Premium Service? ...

Long story of problems ever since I ordered Xfinity TV services to my phone/internet package Dec 2020.  But for today I thought I'd post a question here rather than spend my normal 4 hours on the phone with Xfinity getting 100 different answers.


Last week I (again) called because 500 GB storage is not enough for the way I record shows.  I'm still having to keep Direct TV (1 TB hard drive) to record everything I need between the two services.  The Xfinity rep said he'd switch me over to what he called PREMIUM DVR SERVICE.  Said it would be 350 hours HD recordings (vs my current 150 HD hours on X1).  Said I'd see it the next day at noon.


Well the next day my X1 still said my hard drive was 40% FULL.  Should have been way less according to the rep if I was getting more storage.  Before I call this afternoon, can someone explain this?  TIA for any explanations because apparently I'm paying for something I think I'm not getting.



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Re: DVR Premium Service? ...

Hey there, janice805, thanks for reaching out through the Xfinity Forums platform regarding your DVR storage. We would be happy to take a look at your current DVR details to see how much storage you currently have available and subscribe to. I know how important it is to have available storage to record all of your favorite programs! Can you please send us a Private Message with your full name and your full address, so we can pull up your account?


To send a private message, please click my name "ComcastJeniece" then select "Send a Message" on the right side.

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Re: DVR Premium Service? ...

You can’t change the physical storage of the dvr itself, you are adding cloud space for recordings.

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Re: DVR Premium Service? ...

I have the same question, insofar as there should be some way possible to see that the cloud DVR storage which is being purchased with that Premium DVR subscription is actually available.

It's reasonable to think that it would be indicated by the % used value shown when viewing recordings, but I have also just added Premium DVR service (yesterday) and also haven't seen that number budge.

Is there some other way of assessing one's available cloud storage?