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Recording TV programmes

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Recording TV programmes

I recently added a TV channel subscription but decided after three weeks to cancel it.  During that period I discovered that I was no longer able to record progrmmes to my box, something I had done previously for many years.  My agent on the telephone told me I was not subscribed to the DVR service and that this cost $10 a month.  She also told me that I must have been given this additional service by mistake !!!   I have never previously paid for this, had no idea it was a subscription service and refused to pay it going forward.  The fact that YOU, XFinity, apparently made mistake should not now be my responsibility and paying $120 a year simply to record programmes to watch later is frankly unreasonable. I also spend time in the UK where recording programs on my SKY box is like breathing and costs nothing.  

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Re: Recording TV programmes

Audits are done all the time for services, and probably when you made account changes, an audit was triggered. Have you looked at past statements to compare? Just because you had it for free doesn’t mean you’ll keep getting it for free

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