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Programs just being deleted from our DVR

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Programs just being deleted from our DVR

 We had sereral movies saved on the DVR, yet when we turned it on this morning, Gone! and we are only at 25% full! We did not delete them. Where did they go?? Why are they being deleted?? No way to get my shows/movies back either, not something I can download for free. This is beyond frustrating!!! This has nothing whatsoever to do with the cloud, so please don't even go there...this is just the DVR. We know the cloud has 60 hours, that's a seperate issue...someone explain this issue to me!



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Re: Programs just being deleted from our DVR

I am having the same issue! I know this happens when you replace your dvr with  older programs stored in the cloud, but I am now having shows that judriving me nuts!st recorded recently disappearing  for no reason and it is extremely frustrating. I know this has been going on with various customers for some time and I would really appreciate some help to fix this issue. I have been a longtime and happy Comcast customer, but this issue is driving me nuts!