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Peacock Issues

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Peacock Issues

We recently got a new peacock box.

It seems to have several bugs.

  1. Voice command reaction is really bad, it  takes several tries to activate
  2. Reaction to most commands is really slow
  3. Indicator light (blue bar on side of box) does not always light up, even when the box is working
  4. when watching recorded programs we have random kaleidoscope bars that pop up across the picture.
  5. Often when watching a recorded program the screen goes BLACK and pauses for 1-2 min, then the screen will return. this will happen several times during an hour-long program
  6. I almost want my old box back and have not returned it yet because of these bugs, that are bugging me

Why are we having all these issues?

Wow now I et an error trying to post my message here - now happy customer