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Multiplex a CCTV feed with Xfinity X1

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Multiplex a CCTV feed with Xfinity X1

Is it possible to take the (HDMI) output from a CCTV NVR and multiplex it so it is viewable on all the Xfinity X1 connected TVs in the house?  I know i did something similar many years ago when OTA/cable TV was simply an analog signal through coax, but now with Xfinity and the digital services, everything is far more complex.  I figured i would need to buy a compatible multiplex device, and connect the CCTV HDMI output into it, as well as the incoming coax from Comcast, and have the output split to all the TVs in the house.  Ideally, a single channel could be used and when any of my xfinity connected TVs go to that channel and the feed from my CCTV NVR would be displayed.


In case it helps with suggestions, the Xfinity X1 hardware i am using is:

* PX013ANM - Main Unit

* Pace PXD01ANI - Additional TVs

My Video Camera NVR unit is:

* Reolink RLN16-410


Thanks for any help/suggestions

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Re: Multiplex a CCTV feed with Xfinity X1

No it’s not, there would have to be a channel notched out for it, like what is done for apartment buildings. Why wouldn’t you just use HDMI to a different HDMI port and change inputs on the tv? Or something along the lines of an HDCP compatible splitter?

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Re: Multiplex a CCTV feed with Xfinity X1

Thanks @CCAndrew .  I was hoping there would be a way, but figured it wasnt possible.  The reason i dont use exisitng HDMI output is that i have a few TVs in the house, and would need to run a splitter and then cabling to each TV.  HDMI doesnt fair too well over distance so would probably need to use an HDMI extender to some of the further TVs over CatV, and dint really relish the idea of fishing new cable to each TV.  That is on the practical side, but the other reason is that my Xfinity remote doesnt switch inputs on my TV's (it doesnt work), so to check the video cameras, i would also need the native TV remote...another downside.