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HBO GO Access from a Tivo Set Top Box

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HBO GO Access from a Tivo Set Top Box

My wife and I would like to view some HBO content from HBO GO.  We have been able to sign in to HBO GO just fine from a mobile device and from my lap top computer.  However, I would like to be able to access it from one of our two Tivo boxes.  We have a Premiere (Series 4) and a newer Bolt.  Both have the HBO GO application on them and I am able to sign on to HBO GO from it.  However, when I try to link it, I get an error message that says my cable tv provider doesn't allow HBO GO to be accessed from this device. 


I just wasted about an hour on the phone with a clueless CSR who was able to verify that I have HBO on my account, that my wireless router in the home is working, but couldn't understand why they were restricting access to HBO GO from the Tivo.  Eventually they gave up and sent me to Tivo support.  They know what is going on and are trying to pass me back to Xfinity.


It would be nice if Comcast/Xfinity would address this and quit trying to pass the buck...

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Re: HBO GO Access from a Tivo Set Top Box