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Called for a 4K box

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Called for a 4K box

I called Comcast for a compatible set top box for my 4K tv. What I got in the mail was a super old box. I called support and the guy actually laughed at how old the box is. He said he’d send a new one out but can’t guarantee I’ll get a 4K box b/c he doesn’t have a “button” to press for that. Still waiting for this new box that might still be wrong....I received a text that it was shipped but the tracking info for the new box was the info for the super old box I got (so confusing) I also still need to return this super old box b/c I’m sure they’ll charge me for it even tho customer support told me to hang onto it. . No store around me is open, I’d have to drive an hour. These are reasons why I hate calling Comcast support. And I still don’t know what to do...
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Re: Called for a 4K box

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