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ANSWERED: Troubleshooting your XFINITY Internet connection when the US/DS lights are blinking


 I have no Internet access. I've noticed that the US and DS buttons on the modem are blinking, which they didn't do before. What does this mean?



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The modem's lights are a visual indication of its current status. It is normal for your US/DS (upstream/downstream) lights to flash briefly while establishing a connection. Continuously flashing or blinking US/DS lights indicate that the modem is unable to establish a connection due to poor or no signal.
Typical reasons for this are:
  • There is a service outage.
  • There is a wiring misconfiguration.
  • The modem is defective.
If you are experiencing this condition, first check for a service interruption by:
  • Using the XFINITY My Account mobile app.
  • Logging into your Comcast account and clicking the check for service interruptions link.
  • Visiting the Xfinity Status Center.
  • Calling 1-800-COMCAST (1-800-266-2278) or 1-800-XFINITY (1-800-934-6489)
  • If you've registered your mobile phone number for Comcast Alerts, you can text OUT to 266278 (COMCST)
Next, inspect your wiring.  See the troubleshooting guide.
Contact Comcast if the issue persists.
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