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removing channels

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removing channels

Hello - I have HBO and Showtime, which I don not need or want. I went into the website to cancel these, but I cannot get past the "manage my services" page. When I click on this, I get a page that says "error" and tells me I need to contact a representative by phone. Then I tried the "chat" feature, which is laughably bad, even for a large company. Its a "bot" that cannot actually help with anything other than what is exactly on the website, so of course it cannot come close to even understanding my issue let alone helping me.


So I am a frustrated to say the least. I work full time and have kids, so like most of us, I dont have the time to spend 30 minutes on the phone to cancel two channels I dont need. Is this really my fate? or is there an issue with the website and I just need to be patient and log back in tomorrow?


thank you for any help.

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Re: removing channels

It has not worked for me either. Years of it. You will have to call them.

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Re: removing channels

Hi @jillmw and @Mark34431


Sorry for the experience you're having when trying to manage your services online. I'd be happy to help get this done for you. Please send a private message including the full name as it appears on your account. To send a Private Message, click on "Comcast_Support” and then click “send a message".


If you have the X1 Platform, you can also manage your services directly from your X1 cable box. Here are the steps: 


Access the X1 Manage Channels App
  1. Press the xfinity button on your remote control.
  2. Using the arrow buttons, highlight Apps and press OK.
  3. Using the arrow buttons, highlight Manage Channels and press OK.
    X1 Applications screen.
  4. Once the Manage Channels app has loaded, the Offers page will display a list of Premium, Subscription On Demand, Sports and International Channels.

    Note: Channels to which you are currently subscribed will already be check-marked and will appear as 'Subscribed (with a price).
    Manage Channels app home screen.
Add Channels to Your Account 
  1. Select any available channel in the list by checking the blue circle below the channel logo.
  2. As each channel is selected, your New Monthly Price in the upper-right hand corner will reflect the new total cost.
  3. To continue, select Review Changes.
    Manage Channels app home screen with Sports Packages
Remove Channels from Your Account
  1. Remove any channels that are currently on your Xfinity TV account (or were added during the current session) by un-checking the box under the logo.
    • Note: Sports channels and other channels built into your current Xfinity TV package (as indicated by the 'Included in Your Package' message) cannot be removed via the Manage Channels app.
  2. As each channel is de-selected, the New Monthly Price in the upper-right hand corner will reflect the removal of the channel(s).
  3. To continue, select Review Changes.
    Manage Channels app home screen with Subscription On Demand Channels
Review Changes and Process Your Order
Once you've added/removed channels and clicked the Review Changes link, the Order Review Screen will appear and display:
  • Channels added
  • Channels removed
  • Charges for each channel added/removed
  • Current monthly bill
  • Estimated taxes and fees

New estimated monthly bill 
Order Review screen of Manage Channels app for X1


To make any changes to your selections:

  1. Highlight and select Edit Changes to return to the previous screens.
  2. To complete your order, highlight and select Confirm Changes.
    • Note: If you have a Purchases PIN enabled, you'll need to enter it before confirming your order.
  3. An order confirmation page will then display:
    • Order reference number
    • New monthly total in charges
    • Change date
    • Account number
    • Service address
    • Confirmation message
  4. Select Exit to close the app.
    Order Confirmation screen of Manage Channels app for X1

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Re: removing channels

I am unable to uncheck premium channel checkmarks on my xfinity app.

Please elaborate on how to uncheck a premium channel app.

Thank you.

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Re: removing channels

Tried to remove channels using manage channels app on screen, but the app just told me to "hang tight while it got me great offers for me"  Then it told me after a few minutes that the function wasn't working, tried again later and it just looped on for ten minutes, fifteen minutes and more...