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Looking for Channel moves? (Caution for Grandfathered)


Looking for Channel moves? (Caution for Grandfathered)

When looking for channels like ID, Starz, TMC, and other recent losses (or costing more).

Please remember some of us off contract and paying regular rates may still have some of these "Grandfathered".


A number of posters (many to be exact) have posted about loosing channels after talking to Comcast about changes in service with out knowing if the channel is actually available in their service area. All service areas do vary in what is available in our specific viewing area, and channel location.


There is one way to safely check whether a channel is actually available (free or cost upgrade). Push the Guide button on your remote for regular cable. Start with the lowest channel number "single digit". Page through the list looking for what is shown (not all like this feature). The fact is all channels whether you can currently watch them or not, will be found for your area.


Select the channel. It will either work, or tell you need to upgrade (more money) to get it.


If you do not find it on the list, do not call to make changes. If you do you will lose "grandfathered channels" you might still have. I believe there still is an unintended "error" in computer program to keep from reversing the loss of "Grandfathered" channels. It was never intended to punish old customers from upgrading services.


I will "lock" the post since it's not intended to be argued about. Comcast employees may likely reply if needed.

I am not a Comcast Employee.
I am a Customer Expert volunteering my time to help other customers here in the Forums.
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