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Payment Arrangement

Covid-19 payment extension zero help!

The fact that customer service is telling me that I cant have an extension to pay my bill is terrible. I had a claim with Comcast “tell Ted”and can never reach the person that leaves an extension number to call. I have exorbitant charges on my bill that I should not be responsible for when this internet service did not work. I get charge service fees return fees and late fees. I have been struggling due to the pandemic and despite my struggles, still trying to pay and can’t even get an extension. I am a loyal customer and haven't asked for much. But the customer service at xfinity is terrible, chat is unhelpful and phone support service is the worst. . We are still in the middle of a pandemic and I have a child in virtual school and can not loose internet service. Its crazy how these people treat us after being in contract with them for years and paying non stop. As soon as this contract ends im running far away from xfinity and never recommending them to anyone. I have been told that Fios tv is way better and they treat customers better then this. I am going to look into taking my business elsewhere.
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Re: Payment Arrangement



Apologies for the issue and the experience that you described above.


Loks like your payment arrangement date was recently moved to 10/22 at your request. 


As a courtesy, we've credited your account for any late fees, convenience fees and reactivation fees incurred over the past 24 months. There is no now currently no balance due.  


 I hope that helps and hang in there.

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