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Tue, Jun 22, 2021 3:59 AM

Ongoing Connectivity Issues

Hello everyone. Over the past few weeks, I have been having problem with random disconnects. I have lived at my current address for the past 3 1\2 years and this has been a problem since day one. It will usually clear up on its own but it will always come back after awhile. I've performed countless hours of troubleshooting and have had many technicians out to my apartment over the years and the problem always comes back to bursts of high levels of noise out on the node causing intermittent problems with my upstream SNR. My modem is an Arris SB8200, but this can be ruled out as a culprit since these drops affect all of my devices (2 cable boxes) simultaneously. During these drops, my modem always shows that the upstream power levels have jumped from ~35dBmV to up to ~58dBmV which is indicative of noise on the upstream channels. Multiple techs have checked my lines and they have all said that they are clean. During these drops, my neighbors (even in differct buildings) have said that they aere also having connection issues, so it isn't just me. I'm got fed up with trying to call tech support only for them to send yet another technician out and ultimately get nowhere, so I thought I would try posting here instead. Honestly, it feels like no one is actually trying to find out where all of this interference is coming from and intead the symptoms are merely being treated as they appear. I do understand that some level of noise is to be expected, but when it's causing your customers to keep losing connection then its a problem. Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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Greetings, @HDesign! Thanks for reaching out to us on the Forums! I hope you are having an amazing day! I apologize to hear that you are having issues with your internet connection randomly disconnecting. We know how important it is to have a stable connection these days with work or schooling from home. From any of the tech visits, did they happen to switch anything or replace anything like a splitter, filters, or connections? Or was it more of just a line check and moved on?




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Would you know if any of those premises facing techs ever wrote up a trouble ticket / referred your issue to their line / maintenance dept. ? Because that's what needs to happen now moving forward.

My standard spiel;

Bear in mind that if the premises facing techs can not find or fix a problem at your home, it is they who are responsible for escalating it to their line / network / maintenance dept. techs. The problem may lie beyond your home in the local neighborhood infrastructure somewhere but it is their S.O.P. to start at the home.

Good luck !

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@HDesign  We're really grateful that you took the time to troubleshoot with us and for letting us send out a tech again! So far, it sounds like the work they did with the outside wiring is looking good the last few days, but if you run into any further issues please reach back out! 


We truly appreciate you being a contributing member of our community here and hope that you have a lovely evening! 

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