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Tue, Jun 1, 2021 6:04 PM

Gateway 7 not showing up

I’ve gone through three gateway 7s.  I’ve been on the phone with Xfinity and my laptop’s company (Lenovo) for a total of six hours. I’ve had two technicians come out. First gateway connected to my primary laptop. After 24 hours it disconnected. The rest of my devices stayed connected. My primary can see my neighbors wifi. I connected my old modem and it was able to connect. Technician one came out and was equally frustrated and I had to explain everything. He blamed my laptop. He switched gateway 7 for a new gateway 7. My primary laptop connected and then disconnected after a week. Second technician came by. “Hadn’t heard this happen before.” He says I may need to replace the outside wiring. He says I need to replace my device. He switches the name of the gateway 7 to a different name and my laptop connects. It disconnects the next day.....

I have upgraded all my wifi devices. I have uninstalled and installed wifi devices. The option I think I might need to do is downgrade my modem to a gateway six... WHATS WRONG WITH THE GATEWAY SEVEN?!?!?


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2 m ago

Thank you for taking the time to make this post and going into detail on the issues you have been running into with the new XB7 modems @user_22f164. We definitely want to ensure that you can use this device without an issues to enjoy the new advanced features it has to offer! The 3rd Generation xFi Gateway (XB7) broadcasts WiFi 6, sometimes referred to as "802.11ax," which is the latest in WiFi technology. With this advanced technology, you may need to update the WiFi driver in your older Windows PC/laptops so that it can recognize and connect to your in-home WiFi network. This doesn't impact non-Windows PCs, nor other non-Windows-connected devices such as cell phones, tablets, Smart TVs, etc.


We know you had mentioned previously that you have already upgraded your devices, but have you ensured to update the WiFi Driver for your laptop specifically? When you try to connect your laptop via Ethernet, does it say it has no access to the internet?



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2 m ago

@user_22f164 I am having the exact same issue as you. about 2 months ago, had the netgear unit and had no wifi forever. had been using the ethernet cable. went to comcast and they gave me the XB7 unit as it was an upgrade and they said it was 10x better. First day hooked up, everything was fine, got wifi back, was happy. about 4 days later, came home to green light flashing and no internet. doing a hard reset didn't do anything. plugged unit in upstairs in a different outlet and everything was fine. then about 3 weeks later, unable to locate my wifi network on my laptop. can see all of my neighbors networks but mine. Works fine on my phone. I see multiple posts about the changes in the 802.11ax but mine is greyed out in the admin tool. comcast only says its either a modem issue or issue with laptop. such a joke for the prices we pay for service

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1 m ago

So, you probably have a older 2.4 gig WiFi card, the xfinity hot spots are 5 gig now I believe, so it wouldn’t see them, so anyway one of my friends older computer experienced a similar issue, I went into the options in the device manager, on the WiFi adapter, I changed the mode setting from Auto to G, worked perfectly after that, couple of clicks is all it took, it possibly could be called something else, depends on your WiFi card, that being said, if it a 2.4 gig card, you won’t get the speeds the Xb7 is capable of…..



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21 d ago

I have just resolved the issue for a friend with an older Dell laptop not seeing the SSID (Network ID) broadcast by the XB7 Gateway.

Their Laptop's Wireless Network card was dual-band (802.11 ac), but as soon as they upgraded to the XB7 Gateway, their Xfinity network "disappeared".

Suspecting a driver issue, I checked using Device Manager and ran Update Driver, selecting to use the Automatic search for a later driver.  Windows 10 Home told me that we had the latest driver.  Using the Dell Support site, I found a WiFi driver update.  Once we had downloaded and installed this new driver, we were able to see the XB7 Gateway's WiFi!

I am sure that Levono has a support feature to look for driver updates.  You shouldn't rely on Windows update to always find the best driver.

Hope this helps.

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