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Devices connected but show up unconnected

There was another post about this which is now closed & the solution was to modify the settings under 2.5 & 5ghz.  Sounds like many people were able to fix the issue that way.  But of course ….  I’ve tried to go in and do that but there is a message saying that the setting is now managed by Xfinity.  Trying to get a real person to help is next to impossible.  So frustrating because I don’t have days to spend on this! 

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Hey @user_4p2tvn, thank you for reaching out to Xfinity Support on our forums. Is it not showing connected in the Xfinity app, the Admin tool, or both? To separate the wireless bands, that setting is in the Xfinity app or the website. Under edit wifi it will give you an option to use separate names for both. Keep in mind that doing that will mean the router will not select the best connection and you will need to manually. Also, if you have xFi pods, the option will be greyed out.


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Thank you for your response!

In the Xfinity app- I have 2 devices that show up connected / unconnected correctly.  However, I have 30 other devices that never show up connected when they are.  

if I log into my router-  the devices do show connected correctly but it does not translate/ carry over to the Xfinity app correctly.  The “parental control” is all grayed out as well.  

Any help would be very much appreciated! 

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I should add that my gateway does not even show up connected in the Xfinity app when it surely is. 

I do not want to separate the wireless bands -it was a solution to the issue that someone else found that worked.  They changed the bandwidth and then changed it back but I am not able to attempt it because the option to do so— is all grayed out and there is a disclaimer saying that it is a setting now controlled by Xfinity.  🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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@user_4p2tvn I can definitley see how that would impact your ability to control the devices! We want to ensure that the app is working as you need it and tracking properly. If you have one of our new modems, the advanced WiFi settings are automatically managed by the network to ensure that your devices can easily and smoothly connect to the band they need for the best connection. Are you using one of our modems or your own personal modem? You mentioned that your 30 other devices don't show connected. Are they showing as offline even when online or are they not in the app at all for you to view?

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I am using your Xfinity gateway.
However, I was able to spend more time trying to troubleshoot on my own and just did a full factory reset plus 2 additional router reboots— it now identifies all of my devices as connected except for the Xfinity gateway.  This is good enough.. but still odd 🤷‍♀️
Thank you

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