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Fri, May 14, 2021 9:16 PM

X1 remote and menus are unusable for Elderly

I recently upgrade my elderly mothers cable box to the X1 box and it almost unusable compared to the old system. Due to her eye site. She can not see the white on black buttons on the remote. Never mind trying to find the little dot that is the enter key or the thin lines that are arrow keys.

The guide menu is just as bad. Once again white text on black is very hard to see and there are no options to change the color scheme. The only option is to change the font size and then that cuts off the show names.

In this day and age these are catastrophic design decisions. I many be forced to find an alterative service because the accessible options and remote are so bad. It is really sad that the 10 year old system was better than there current system in 2021.


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1 m ago

Hello and Happy Sunday, ! I hope you’re having a great weekend! I also appreciate you taking a moment out of your day to reach out to us on our Community Forums! You’ve reached the best place and perfect person to help with virtually all of your account needs!


Going forward, I'm truly sorry to hear about the recent complications impacting your mother's viewing abilities after upgrading to our X1 platform! This is definitely not the experience we want for our valued customers to have and will also be sure that this feedback is passed forward to help improve the customer experience all around.


I'd now like to take a closer look from the backend and see what display options tools we have to help. We can even downgrade your mother's plan back to our Legacy platforms if need be as well. To get the ball rolling on this process, please send us a private chat message by selecting the “chat” icon on the top right side of our page and then using our singular Xfinity Support handle (not an agent name) to get started. Once you have started a chat message, please provide your name and service address as it appears on your monthly billing statements. Thanks again for both your time and patience!



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21 d ago

I agree completely.   My mother is having very similar problems with the new remote.  Great remote design for 25 year olds, Xfinity obviously isn’t spending time testing with a full mix of their customers.  

I ordered a large button remote, delivery will take two weeks because is made by a 3rd party.  Really, isn’t everything.  They choose not to stock.

I was really hoping voice commands would make things easier, now she can’t even change the volume


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