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Thu, May 13, 2021 3:41 AM

X1 boxes losing connection

Every single day at least once, at least one of my cable boxes brings up that it can’t establish an internet connection. It has done it 3 times just this evening and the wifi has turned itself off twice in the last 30 minutes. I’m tired of hearing “unplug and turn back on” every single time I call them....or “you know you can watch tv on your phone with the app”. I’m sorry, but I’m not spending all of this money every month to watch it on my phone and not one of the 4 televisions in my house. Anyone else experience any of this and found a solution? Seriously considering moving to fios at this point after 17 years...




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Yes I've been having this happen many many times every day and night.  For me it really started on 4/30 when we had very high winds.  At that point I noticed it dropping internet (we watch our cable over our roku devices/internet and don't have cable boxes).  It drops anytime it is windy or rainy, and the last few nights has started dropping around 9pm.  Will drop for a few minutes, then come back on for a minute or 2 before dropping again, over and over all night long.  Also with mine I try to do a reboot with the app but always have to go unplug the router only to have the same thing continue to happen.  Super annoying considering how much we pay for the service.  I was trying to write this comment and my own post last night, but gave up since I could not get a connection to hold long enough.

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Thank you for your post in our Forums. We definitely want you to have a great experience and enjoy your services at all times without any hiccups. Wi-Fi connections can be obstructed, thus impairing the connectivity of the device you have connected. Please check out the following links. They may help create a stronger Wi-Fi connection for your TV boxes. 


  1. 10 Ways you might be killing your Home Wi-Fi signal: https://xfin.tv/2R61pX6



     2. Improving Wi-Fi Network Performance: https://comca.st/320fSHo


We have enjoyed having you as a customer all these years and would like to maintain that relationship with you for many more. If you are still having connection issues after following the guidelines found in those 2 links, please reach out to me with a private chat, so I can trouble your services and see if there is another culprit causing these connection issues. When reaching out to me in a private chat, please include your full name and address. To send a private chat, please click the "Chat" icon, then next you would click the pen/pad icon, and lastly make sure you click Xfinity Support. Thank you again for taking the time to reach out to us in our Community Forums. 





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