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Thu, Jan 13, 2022 2:41 AM

X1 4k DVR wired box dropping internet connection

Today, I upgraded to the 4K dvr (wired) box. While watching content on both Netflix and Disney + directly through the box it has dropped internet and disconnected 6 times in about 3 hours. Each disconnect seems momentary, as I can reconnect immediately and continue watching. I never had this problem with my previous (non 4k) box, which I've had close to 6 years. All cables are connected and the coax cable is tight. Is my box defective or could it be something else?

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5 d ago

Hello @Roofer1976

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to our community forum for assistance with your 4k DVR box. This is certainly not the experience that we want you to have with your new 4K DVR while trying to enjoy your shows. It sounds like it is the ARRIS XG1v4 cable box correct? Have you noticed if any other boxes have this issue and does it seem to happen with On Demand content or mostly streaming services? 

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