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Thu, Jun 10, 2021 7:39 PM

Using X! and saying "Peacock" gets me into Peacock but causes reboot of X1 box

I am a new customer and was told the speaking "Peacock" into my X1 controller would take me to the Peacock streaming service for free. I did this an enter my user name & password getting into Peacock but nearly immediately it freezes and the X1 box reboots. I tried this several times and the problem still exists. 



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2 m ago

@user_ebc69d If you're using the XG 2 then the Issue has been reported here: https://forums.xfinity.com/conversations/x1/peacock-app/60bafa9eae2a02023052d4e6



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1 m ago

I called Customer Support and they sent a Service Tech out. The night before the Service Tech was to come Peacock now worked so I tried Disney+ and it text on the screen said if would ship another box if I continued. I decided to wait and see what the Service Tech had to say. When the Service Tech arrived we tried the following streaming services I have which are Peacock, Disney+, Discovery+, & Curiosity Stream the current box would not work with Disney+. So the Service Tech looked up what box worked with Disney+ and when and got it from his truck.  The 2 X1 boxes are listed below.



Samsung SX022ANM



Pace PX022ANM

The NEW BOX now works with Peacock, Disney+, & Curiosity Stream (though I have to figure how to add my user ID & Password). Supposedly Xfinity is working on getting Discovery+ to work as it comes up and says so on the TYV screen.

Problem i resolved.  

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