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Tv shuts itself ofd

Tv shows a message , “tv will shut itself off in one minute” it says something about no input- yet we can watch tv and the apps

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11 days ago

Hey there @user_ec410c, Thanks for reaching out through Xfinity Forums regarding your TV issues. I am happy to hear you are still able to watch TV and the apps. We can definitely assist with troubleshooting. Have you checked all the wiring to ensure everything is connected tight? What type of cables are you using for the cable box to the TV, is it an HDMI?

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11 days ago

... “tv will shut itself off in one minute” it says something about no input ...

The set may be complaining that no commands have been sent from a remote control. If my Samsung's "Auto Power Off" setting is enabled and the set does not receive a "Mute", "Volume Up/Down" or other command for 4 hours, it turns off. Oddly, once it displays the "no remote input" message, pressing keys that would normally have kept it awake like Volume and Mute do not prevent it from shutting down.

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