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Sat, Jul 2, 2022 10:32 PM

Tv freezing

My tv keeps freezing  and or I have the picture and it’s fine but no sound but the people are talking but I hear nothing. This is so frustrating. I’m sitting f here at this moment and it keeps doing it. This is ridiculous especially for what they charge a month. I have a tech coming out tomorrow to check, but on the phone they said it was my TV . How can that be when I’m reading on here that multiple people are having the same issue. Does that mean all our TV’s are bad. So are we to get reimbursed for the days we couldn’t get on and watch TV cause I’m gone to raise some hell on this one.

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3 m ago

Hello @user_6db210! Thank you for reaching out on our community forum. I hate to hear you've experienced these issues with your tv service. I'm glad to hear you had a technician scheduled to help though. I'll be happy to help you with your billing concerns as well. Could you please send our team a direct message with your full name and full address?

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