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Thu, Sep 9, 2021 4:08 PM

Song/Music Identification Feature No Longer Working

The song/music identification feature is not working anymore on my voice remote.  It worked fine just a little while ago. 

Now I get the following message:  

“Sorry, your TV box doesn’t support music identification.”

     And below that

“Please try using this feature on another TV box. “

I’ve looked at previous posts on the same issue from May and I see no resolution. What is going on? 


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2 m ago

Hello @user_c426cd, thanks for reaching out to our Digital Care Team on our Forums page and bringing this concern to our attention. After testing this on my end, I am also receiving that same error. I went ahead and checked, and this has been reported as a known issue that our social engineers are working to fix. We, unfortunately, do not have a workaround or resolution timeframe at this time, but once we do, that information will be communicated. 


We appreciate your patience while we work on correcting this and apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing. Thank you! 


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1 m ago

It's ridiculous that Xfinity's own customer service people don't know the features their own company offers when using their remotes!!! Even more ridiculous is once you get your issue (music recognition) escalated to someone within Corporate Escaltions team assigned to resolve your issue, they don't even know the feature exists!!! I've been waiting since May for resolution. In the beginning,  I was being told by Comcast that my box was the problem and I needed a new one. But after researching, I RESEARCHED AND I told them that my box was NOT one of their old boxes that doesn't support the feature. In fact, I use the feature so often that it literally worked one night and the next morning when I tried it was no longing working and I was getting the error "Your device dose not support this feature please try again using another tv box". They finally said it was being escalated to Engineering and after about a week, the Corporate Escaltions Dept was saying it was a Nationwide issue and Engineering was working to resolve the issue in their next update.  It's been 4 months, I regularly check and take screenshots of the updates they do (there's been 7 and it's still broken as of today). Yet, they continue to say "they're working on it, but don't know when it will be resolved." Not sure about other people but I pay $10 extra a month for my dvr so I can record more shows, etc. Why are they charging for things that they're not fixing???

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