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Thu, Dec 3, 2020 8:00 PM


Please include option to disable screensaver! The one thing I love about my service is the ability to create playlists. That is the one feature than keeps me from cutting the cord. HOWEVER, the unwanted screensaver renders the playlist feature useless. I often have the TV on while not actually staring at the TV constantly. I work from home and have tried to put on a playlist while working, but since I’m working and not babysitting my TV, I can never get through a whole playlist or have one run through my work day without having to go back into the playlists and resume the movie I was watching. I never actually do that. I just turn off the TV, swear and wonder why I’m paying so much to be so angry. An additional annoyance is that I’ve often forgotten to turn off a TV that’s running the screensaver. If you don’t get rid of it, at least provide an option with more than 5 hours!



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6 m ago

Hello lostgale, thank you for reaching out to us here with this concern. Although we don't have the option to turn off the screen saver we can submit this to our engineers for consideration to be added in a future update. I will pass this request onto their department on your behalf 🙂 

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Yes hoping you did this.Checking back.....Eager for this option to override screen saver  ASAP.  We pay too much for xfinity x1!  We should be able to keep TV on if want or need. I need my TV to sleep and drown out street noise..  Feels like we are being treated like kids put on TV watch limits. NOT right that I cannot control my own viewing limits.  My rights are being invaded. 



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1 m ago

I start my morning watching the screensaver, while I eat my cereal. I am not interested in who got married, who had babies, who got divorced, who was seen with who. I would like to be able to set to my likes. 


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Why not just change to a channel?

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