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How to DVR specific NBA League Pass channel

I have an NBA League Pass subscription.  Each team has its own channel, and so for any given game there are usually two broadcasts (one for each team).

I have DVR set up for all games for one team (San Antonio), however, for League Pass games it is more likely to record the channel for the other team (probably because of alphabetical order).  Is there a way to set up the recording so that when its a league pass game, it records only from the San Antonio channel?

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6 months ago

@user_dt3lzl Thanks for reaching out! If you have a X1 DVR series recording setup for all San Antonio games, you should be able to modify the series and select just the San Antonio channel to record from.

Take a look at step 5 in the following article. In the channel section you should be able to specify only from that one channel. Record a Series on X1

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Unfortunately, the only options for channel are "HD preferred" and "SD preferred".  I cannot specific a specific channel.  

For example, the next game is Thursday vs. Atlanta, but it is set to record on the Atlanta channel.  


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To help ensure you get the recordings you want to receive, it would be best to manually select each recording using the guide, selecting the game you want to record, and set up the individual recording. I find this is easier to achieve when using the Xfinity Stream application or web portal to schedule the future dated recordings. Can you give this a try and let us know if you run into any further issues? 

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This works, but, as is pointed out below, a tedious workaround where I have to look up the dates and times for 40+ individual games.  



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5 months ago

I agree that this is poor design on Xfinity's part. When you set the system to record every game for a specific team, it records on the lowest channel number that airs the game. Since the NBA League Pass channels are ordered alphabetically by team name, a Washington Wizards fan would ALWAYS get the away team broadcast. They could fix the issue if the just let you select a specific channel number for recordings instead of only giving you a choice between "HD preferred" and "SD preferred". It's unlikely that Xfinity will fix this, so we are stuck with their tedious workaround. 

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This is exactly correct.  

The only small advantage to the current setup is that if your team has a nationally-televised game not broadcast on League Pass (i.e., ESPN or TNT), then that game will get recorded.  But otherwise you lose the ability to select your preferred League Pass channel.  

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4 months ago

As a fan of the Utah Jazz I am also experiencing the same issue.

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