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Wednesday, December 29th, 2021 7:59 PM


HBO Max Cannot Verify Subscription

Ongoing HBO Max saga. Everything worked just fine until mid-November. I last spoke with Xfinity level 2 tech on Dec 23 and they said a level 3 would look into and get back to me within 48 to 72 hours. Suprise, that did not happen so I called back this morning to see where my HBO Max issue was - see if anyone actually "looked"' into anything.

So after an hour or so being on the phone Xfinity agent hooked me up with an HBO Max technician. They, HBO, reset/deleted my HBO Max account, kicked off all my devices, had me log back in. NO FIX. As soon as I link HBO Max to Xfinity I'm logged in and cannot watch any premium shows. Account subscription status still says "You HBO Max subscription through Xfinity has expired". HBO agent pretty much they said I need to get with Xfinity to figure it out.

So back to Xfinity support I go. The next agent (supposedly a "level 3" did ALL THE SAME TROUBLESHOOTING STEPS the previous 5 or 6 agents have tried (they apparently don't read the previous "what we've tried" notes). The agent then remotes into my X1 TV box (again), and witnesses the "Can't verify subscription" message after logging out and resetting everything. "This should work" they say. NO KIDDING did you not believe me the first 5 times I've called in? The agent then says something to the effect of 'oh I see your cable signal to your house is kinda low. Let me schedule a tech to come to your house to fix that'. WHAT?

I get 800Mbs/sec on my internet, overall great speeds. My X1 box is working overall just fine (except for this HBO max issue). I can watch Netflix no issues. WHAT DOES SIGNAL STRENGTH HAVE TO DO WITH HBOMAX ACCOUNT ISSUES? I get it - they (Xfinity tech support) are at the end of their rope as to what they can try, but that seems like a total move to get me off the phone.

I can't wait for the tech to come to my house tomorrow, look around and see that everything is working as it should, and have ZERO ABILITY to fix this HBO Max account issue.

I truly hope that I'm totally wrong and that sure enough, a quasi-imperfect signal issue is causing my HBO Max account to show up as expired. But I have serious doubts.

To be fair to Xfinity, they have given me a credit to my account this month, so at least that's something. But, I'd rather have HBO Max working as it should and not have to waste so much time on the phone trying to get his fixed. Other than this for the most part my Xfinity experience has been great. 

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HBO max not working



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2 years ago

Sure enough, the tech came to my house and pretty much said 'no signal issues to your house'. Up until Nov 2021 I had ZERO issues with anything Xfinity - now it's just this HBO Max issue.

When I told him the level 3 phone agent dispatched him to my house due to my HBO Max issue he just shook his head in disgust. He tried a few things he could think of trying (nothing beyond what I've already tried), but even he could not get the HBO Max issue working. Very helpful guy and got me set up with a newer wireless Xfinity modem.

In an attempt to fix the glitch he had his inside tech support agent set up a new package with HBO (my old two year commitment package was about to expire anyways). So they set me up with another two year plan with the hopes that that would "fix the glitch". Sadly it did not. So now I'm in contact with his supervisor who is going to attempt to get someone deeper in the system (a programmer maybe??) to look into my account info from the inside. His supervisor also mentioned it "could" be a glitched out main X1 box, but I don't know about that (could be, but everything else works great).

So for now I'm still stuck without HBO Max (unless I go off on my own and subscribe independently of Xfinity - but dangit NO I'm paying for it!!!). No matter what I've tried I still get "Cannot verify subscription" and HBO Max account settings says my subscription to HBO Max has expired.

Hopefully this supervisor guy can get some sort of resolution. SOOOOOOOOOOO FRUSTRATING.


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Hello @Frogula I am sorry to hear that the issue with HBO Max has not been resolved. Could you please send our team a direct message with your full name and full address? Our team can most definitely take a further look at this issue.


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2 years ago

After a few followups with the technician's supervisor apparently there was glitch in the whole HBO Max thing (he said it was a nationwide issue) and that they would be pushing out a fix later in the week. Well here it is Friday evening.....AND IT FINALLY WORKS!!!!!!

I didn't do anything - they apparently fixed the issue. Probably close to two months not working for me, but glad they finally figured it out.

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