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Wed, Jun 3, 2020 7:00 PM

My Account Page Problem

Hi folks,


I have kind of a strange problem. The Xfinity technician was here this afternoon and installed 1 Gig Internet service. I was able to connect a new cable modem I got from Best Buy and apparently was able to activate it. I am writing this message to you across the cable modem right now!


But, for some reason, the My Account page says that "We're getting your account setup. Check back soon to track and activate your services." I have used the chat feature with a couple of different techs, but no one seems to be able to figure out what is wrong. One even told me that he could not even find my account!


Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance.


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1 y ago

Hi @wrshamblinjr 


Welcome to Xfinity and thanks for your business. Try the following steps others have suggested from this thread.


1) I went to the Xfiniy login page and selected "forgot Xfinity ID".

2) I selected the "Confirm phone number" option. I received a text verification and confirmed the number.

3) I was then prompted to enter my physical address. After entering, the page said I hadn't made a username yet for this address, so I clicked continue.

4) After being prompted for an email address for the username, I entered the SAME email address that I used to make my original account with my internet order. When I did this, the website said "We found an account with this email, would you like to login and link these accounts?". I clicked yes and logged in with my existing account email.

5) After logging in, the account linked succesfully and redirected me to a now correctly functioning my account page, where I could see my bill, plan, etc.

I'll do some investigation on my end to see what could've caused this. Reach out to me in a private message if you've got any other details you'd like to share.


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