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Mon, Nov 18, 2019 12:00 PM

Why is Comcast Xfinity scamming people?

NOT COOL COMCAST!!!  I have been watching Poldark since its beginning and I missed the final episode. I go to On Demand and in order to see the final episode, only to learn that I would have to PAY to watch it. Really? Why are you scamming your customers? No, I will not "Buy" that episode. In fact, from now on, I vow not to watch PBS anymore. Nor will I continue watching any other program that does the same thing. So much for loyalty. I've been a customer of Comcast for many, many years, and pay a lot of money for the service each month.  This is messed up. I only wish that one day another company comes along to compete with you. I will gladly move on. 

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1 y ago

@jr90616 wrote:

In fact, from now on, I vow not to watch PBS anymore.

I wouldn't blame PBS for this one, although they have allegedly been at fault over the recent past for providing bad video files to Comcast.


Here, since Comcast had posted 'for fee' versions of the Poldark series finale, PBS must have supplied good files.  Here, Comcast has omitted to post free versions available for 2 weeks, both SD and HD.  (Legacy, anyway, I can't speak to what X1 folks see.)


This one is on Comcast, not PBS.


It is a tad ironic that probably the biggest PBS airing since the Downton Abbey finale several years ago would get messed up somehow.

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