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Fri, Nov 8, 2019 5:00 PM

On Demand time remaining inaccurate (doesn't include ad time)

When I watch a program "on demand" that has commercials, the "total time" and "time remaining" shown are inaccurate.  For example, an hour long show (including commercials) says it is only 42 minutes.  But the time counter is still operating during the commercials, so after 42 minutes there are still 18 minutes left of the show . . . but the time shows "0:00 remaining".  This is annoying because I can't anticipate when a show will end (especially if I pause and restart the show).   Not sure when this error started . . . I don't think it always did this.  Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem and/or if there's a setting to fix it . . . or if it is something xfinity is aware of but chooses not to fix.

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@LDNJ wrote:

Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem

I see it.  Yes it can be extremely annoying to finish up watching a show from the 'Recently Viewed' list, having to scan around to Get where you stopped viewing.


I recall there was a thread on this a couple years ago when people started noticing it.  If you search on certain words you might get lucky and find it.  

I would guess that Comcast would say this is just an unfortunate artifact that doesn't warrant trouble tickets or engineering redesign.


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1 y ago

This is because the actual show recording does NOT include any commercials. They are all inserted on-the-fly. The system doesn't know how to handle or adjust for that.

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I wish there was something called a computer that could add up things like say numbers. 
 I'm sure the problem would be fixed already If it was the employees boss that thought it was broken. But here we are Wasting time with yet another Xfinity broken system. 
 Also if you use the skip Feature after the non adding computer thinks the show is over it goes back to when the system says the show has ended. But let's not open a trouble ticket on the problem as there is only a problem when Xfinity thinks there is one not there customers. Customers are only here to bata test our systems and what do they know about problems. 

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