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Monday, November 20th, 2023 4:43 PM


On demand removed

Comcast you should not have removed on demand from the Legacy boxes!  It was easy for you to remove so would be just as easy to put it back.  I wouldn't even care if you charged a small monthly fee, as long as I can use my Legacy box.  Your X1 box is terrible!  The channel guide is non-existent!  I want to readily see what's on TV, not hunt everywhere for something to watch.  Give us our on demand back.  I've been a loyal customer for 27 years but will switch if you don't give me my on demand back by the end of the year.  Do the right thing.  Many people do not like or want your X1 box and you know this.  Many people don't use streaming, gaming or internet on their TV.  Put our on demand back on the Legacy boxes or lose many long term customers.

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7 months ago

Hey @user_tjuj9p,


We greatly appreciate the time you have taken to provide us with your feedback. With our technology evolving every day, we are changing the way OnDemand is being delivered. With our legacy equipment, you will be unable to access OnDemand content. We highly recommend visiting our "Xfinity On Demand Removed From Select TV Boxes" which will go over some additional details of the changes that take place. 


In order to access OnDemand content going forward, we would highly recommend swapping for our X1 Platform set-top boxes. Alternatively, you can use the Xfinity Stream application and web portal to access OnDemand content on certain Smart TV devices, mobile/tablet devices, and your web browser. You can find additional information by visiting our "Xfinity Stream App minimum system requirements" support page. 


If you happen to need any additional support, please let us know. We are always happy to help. 

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Thanks but I tried and hated the X1 box just as many others have.  I don't use streaming.  I want to easily see what's on tv via the Legacy box program guide.  That does not exist on the X1 box.  Technology easily let you remove on demand from the legacy boxes so will just as easily let you put it back.  Do you really think my 93 year old relative could use the X1 box?  He couldn't.  I don't use any streaming either.  Please consider your older long term customers.  The X1 box is geared to advertising and sales with pictures everywhere.  People are tired of that.  Just put on demand back on the Legacy boxes even it it costs us a small monthly fee to have it.  You are receiving many complaints about the on demand removal and also about the X1 box.  

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