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Fri, Jan 29, 2021 11:00 AM

Missing 2021 shows from Fox/NBC when using ondemand

We are not ussing any streaming service.  Due to conflicting schedules we are unable to always watch a television show when it is shown.  So we use the ondemand a lot.


Noticed that all the 2021 Fox shows display the headers for example

Hells Kitchen


911 Lonestar

Last Man Standing

Mr Mayor

but there is no new content available for any of these shows?


Has something changed with the ondemand that has always been available?


I did contact Fox Customer Care and they said it was Xfinity blocking the program availability and not them.



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6 m ago

Laura4856 - indeed, Comcast On Demand has become quite The Muddle, worse and worse as time progresses. If you told a non-customer the stories found in this On Demand sub-forum, given Comcast’s highly recognized brand...they would either be shocked, or not believe you (thinking perhaps you were a crank.)

For many shows, it appears you must use the primitive “Search” function to ‘type’ what you’re looking for. E.g., I just keyed in “911” and found the early episodes from new Season 4. As you pointed out, these recent episodes do not show up via “TV Shows” then “By Network” then “Fox” then “9-1-1”.

It still astounds me that legacy Comcast On Demand has devolved to such primitiveness, to the extent that I am not convinced that any responsible Comcast executive is aware. (They’d be utterly embarassed, one would hope, to see the ugly state of affairs in this area that bears their brand.)

Good luck “Search” ing!

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6 m ago

See also:

New Programs not available under Network/ Folders - Xfinity Help and Support Forums - 3376850


I have to use Search on my non-X1 cable setup to see the new episodes of these shows.

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6 m ago

Kudos to ForrestS and Bulkington.  Somebody had recommended the Search feature a couple of weeks ago and it was not pulling what I was looking for.  (Probably user error)  But I tried it again over the weekend.  This time I found all the shows that I was trying to catch up on.


I also used the Save feature.   Then it was fairly easy to find the show and episodes.  Yes, we are doing Xfinity's job but it worked.  I was very excited to get caught up on Hells Kitchen.


Thank you all so much for the assistance!!!

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