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Sun, Aug 2, 2020 9:00 AM

broken on-demand cl17

Now with covid customer service is now even harder to get. On ondemand stopped working on 7/20/2020....many phone calls and chats with promises to fix....NONE.. WHAT THE HECK...HOW DOES ONE GET SERVICE FIXED!!!@





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9 m ago

What service area do you live in?


I had the same problem last month in Mpls./St. Paul metro area. They were working on the lines near me. Replacing my Cisco RNG 150N box with another one, finally got ON DEMAND back working again.

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8 m ago

Every time I try to access the OnDemand portion of my cable service, I receive a CL17 error. I have called customer service many times; they tried their best to help but they haven't been given the ability by management to solve the problem. A customer service tech seems like a waste from reading what other customers have gone through with this problem. We receive an updated box which we installed but we are still having the problem; I don't want to keep exchanging boxes. Any suggestions on help because I am a good customer that's very frustrated.

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