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Sat, Oct 10, 2020 7:00 PM

xr15 remote

i use old cable box and recently got two xr15 remotes, one for each tv after old remote didn't work.  I DO NOT HAVE X1. Tried to setup both on tv have, but ok button does not work on either after setting it up and resetting multiple times.  all other buttons work. cannot search or use on demand with it since cannot hit the ok button. 



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7 m ago

Exactly which boxes do you have? The XR15 does seem to have an odd code for the OK button. I have a reverse issue. My universal remote works fine with my X1, EXCEPT Amazon Prime. The normal OK code will not work reliably.


I do confirm the XR15 will not work with non-X1 boxes. I unpaired my XR15 from my X1 and then tried to use it to control a DTA in another room. Everything worked, except OK.

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