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Sat, Jul 31, 2021 7:23 PM

Subscription Required

From yesterday, I cannot access xfinity stream Beta on Hisense•Roku TV. If I sign in by enter the 6 code number and it looks to sign in successfully on the xfinity web, but my TV shows the message “••••we cannot support high speed data customers without a video subscription.”

I can access xfinity stream app by iPhone and iPhad. My TV, iPhone and iPhad connect same wifi in my house. How can I solve the problem?


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2 m ago

Thank you for sending us a message so we could send an account refresh and get your channel issue corrected, @user_54762d! It was a pleasure chatting with you. Please let us know if there's any way we can be of assistance in the future. Thanks for being a valued member of the Comcast family! Take care :) 


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2 m ago

Hi there @user_54762d


Thank you for taking time to reach out about the issues you are encountering with your XFINITY Stream service with a Roku device. I appreciate you reaching out for assistance. For assistance with this concern, can you please send us a Private Chat Message with your first and last name as well as your full service address? 


To send us a Private Chat Message, select the message icon in the top right corner and then search for Xfinity support. With our new Xfinity support chat, you do not need to input the name of a person. Just select Xfinity support and you will be able to speak with the next available specialist.


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